“Living Hopkins” Roundtable

In Fall 2014, RIC introduced a campus-wide roundtable discussion on “Living ‘Hopkins’ in Baltimore: An Immigrant City.” A resounding success, this event provided an informal yet learned forum for faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, administrators, and the general Hopkins-Baltimore community to discuss the intersection of race, migration, and citizenship in Baltimore City. Some of the questions that we have addressed included: Where are the immigrants in this city? Where are the so-called neighborhood folk? Where do we elect to walk, to run? Where will we drive, or drive through? How do we talk about Baltimore? Is the Johns Hopkins campus a neighborhood campus? How do we, as everyday people, make investments in the city?

Now an annual event, our next “Living Hopkins” roundtable is scheduled for April 28, 2017. The themes that we seek to address deal with gentrification, Baltimore’s uneven social and economic landscape, the role of the university in the city, and the relationship between racial and immigration politics. Following the uprisings of April 2015, and nation-wide Black Lives Matter protests in cities and universities, this year’s roundtable strives to foreground the issues of racial and social disparities built into Baltimore’s urban geography and discuss the role that Hopkins plays in this particularly uneven and racialized landscape. In tune with Hopkins’s long-standing commitment to a conversation about reducing racial disparities on its campus and beyond, this event will bring together Hopkins faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and administrators with community organizers, activists, and city officials in Baltimore to continue our exploration of race, immigration, and citizenship in the city and the specific role that Hopkins plays.